Saturday, October 17, 2009

Top 10 Things I Will Be Prescribing To Cyclists This Winter

The Careful attention to diet to maintain/decrease non-lean body mass
The determination of FTP
The determination power at VO2max
The determination of AWC
The determination of neuromuscular power
The establishment of a power 'profile'
Skill work in the form of riding pacelines, cornering, echelon, sprinting, touching wheels, bumping
Small doses of structured volume at VO2max every 7-10 days, to maintain VO2max
Sprints each week from a slow roll 'all out' to maintain neuromuscular power
A large volume of training L3/low L4 (SST) to create our desired "Base" (as opposed to LSD)
A large volume of L4/Threshold training during 'base' to increase threshold power

I didn't number them because there are several different orders in which we could arrange them in sequence of importance.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top 10 Things I Won't Be Prescribing To Cyclists This Winter

In reverse order, of course...

10. More than 10 days completely OFF the bike in a row
9. Spin Classes
8. LSD miles
7. High Cadence Drills
6. Low Cadence Drills
5. One legged drills
4. "Muscular Endurance" Intervals (what the hell does this even mean?)
3. Power Cranking
2. Rotor Cranking
1. Weight training for their legs

next... the things I will be prescribing.