Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Hit and Run Loop

Well, it has been almost a month since my last update. If you are reading this, it is likely because I coerced you into it by having attached the web address to my email signature. They say that most blogs have a readership of one. If that is the case, then thanks, dad. Seriously, if half of the people that have either called or written wishing me well since my accident read, my blog's readership rivals that of Newsday. (But, hopefully is written on a slightly higher grade level)

To summarize, for anyone that does not already know the story, I was struck while riding my bike by a hit-and-run driver. I was riding with Luis, Skip, and Don and had just made the right hand turn onto Vets Highway, ironically in the bike lane, when a red compact car (Honda, Toyota) moving at what a witness claimed looked like 50 mph, crossed into the bike lane and slammed into my left side. Fortunately, the front fender and the passenger side door made contact instead of the front bumper. As a result of the impact, and the subsequent bouncing down the asphalt I sustained numerous bodily injuries. Most notably among them are: a broken left arm (2 places), 30 stiches to my my face, and extremely annoying back, neck and rib cage, as well as, numerous aches and pains seemingly around my entire body... not to mention, road-rash over a large part of my body. I know the accident just happened and I am hopeful that most of my injuries will heal. There, that is the down-side.

Now for the upside. As mentioned above, our group had just turned and as a result, was spread out far enough that none of my friends were hit. The tremendous outpouring of concern from so many people has been truly moving. From simple get-well emails and phone calls, to visits to my home, to offers to help run the bike shop while I am recovering, the generosity of others has been non-stop. My brush with fate and this reminder of the importance of friends and family will serve as a "reset", helping me better prioritize my remaining time.

Only time will tell if lessons learned will "stick", or how much of my old self I will get back but, one thing is certain, my first ride will be on the hit-and-run loop.

That's enough for now. Sarah is getting tired of typing and we have other, more important stuff to do.